Blossom House Shanghai On The Bund

Opening Date|2020.12,Address|NO.386 Renmin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

"Blossom House Shanghai On The Bund" creates the "Urban Escaping" shelter for guests to take a break and relax. The luxurious location provides a unique and extraordinary characteristic.

"Blossom House Shanghai On The Bund" is located in the most symbolic area in Shanghai, nearby Yuyuan Garden, surrounded by traditional Shanghai alleys but is just a block away from the bustling ‘The Bund’. "Blossom House Shanghai On The Bund" turns on the old building to become the standing out a spot among this area. With its name “Blossom”, "flower" is the key language in the design. The entrance door head looks like a petal curve, welcoming people to come inside. We try to touch the admiration of urbanite by nature sense. Then the sound is made by the breeze through the glass bamboo, just like the wind chimes, to remind you of the taste of nature. The tone of brown color in the whole space comes from bronze, it is inspired by the history of Shanghai's unique city mark. From bright to dark, the sense of visual also brings relaxation and calm.

At the 7-floor check-in lobby, the wide curved reception looks like the arm gently hugs the passing guests, there are no sharp design elements inside the space. Based on the ‘flower’ concept, the hotel would like to present a friendly and gentle space and inviting the guests to join and enjoy a relaxed moment. ‘Blossom’ is everywhere in the space which aims to create a vivid feeling. When the daylight shines through the large window side, the natural flow would be seen in a peaceful mind.

The city views from the window frame show the glamour of Shanghai, in the all-day dining restaurant, the resplendent flower starts your wonderful day time.

Dancing with flowers, the colorful floral image highlights the tone in the guest room. It provides a graceful and joyful ambiance for the guests; the proportion of the bath and dressing area is been equally enlarge. The mirror design is inspired by the theater backstage, aims to provide a more comfortable and free space. The guest rooms just like the personal secret garden hidden in the city.

You can come to join an afternoon tea party or just have a drink with friends, the purpose of "Blossom House Shanghai On The Bund" is not only to provide a relaxation experience but also create a beautiful spot in the city center.

The terrace of the original building used to be unused, we activate this space and turned it into the sky garden. The courtyard which in the center of the 8 floors, surrounded by the guest rooms, the circulation turns on the courtyard becomes a flexible using space, connected with the library, active the vitality of the hotel.

The noise and crowds of the city let the people wanna escape after daily life. Even just the temporary peaceful moment would be helping to relax and breathe. But not everyone can have a complete travel experience during the holiday because of the limitation of space and time. The “Blossom House Shanghai On The Bund", as a resort hotel brand from "Blossom House", bring the "Urban Escape" concept to the heart of the city, trying to create the "Urban Relax Utopia" sense which is hidden in the city instead of escaping from the city.


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