LIT Lighting Design Awards


The 7th edition of the 2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards announced the Winners in Switzerland. Vermilion Zhou Design Group participated in the competition for the first time and won the Lighting Design Winners in three different categories with "Intercity BAR," "YIN XI Teahouse," and "Crystal Orange Hotel Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui."  ;We are glad to share our honour and joy with everyone.

Vermilion Zhou Design Group, led by its founder and Lighting Design Director Vera Chu, professionally guides the team in maintaining the consistency of the design context for each project. Create the ultimate spatial atmosphere through lighting, fulfilling the completeness of each unique spatial experience.

YIN XI teahouse, Jing'an Temple | Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination

Blending the impressions of Jing'an Temple, the concept of "hidden" and "tea" is merged with the brand's differentiated spatial experience. This creates a unique display of "rippling" and "courtyard" charm, where "gold," "sound," and "water" converge, combining the glitter of gold, the flow of spring water brewing tea, and the shimmering of water ripples.

Intercity BAR | Winners in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design

The Intercity Bar is a "secret room" hidden within the Intercity Hotel. The hotel is positioned for"Extreme Business," catering to the needs of busy business travellers. However, relaxation is also needed during the journey to adjust the weary body and mind. With its concept drawn from space and interstellar themes, the unassumingly located Intercity Bar uses lighting design to create an ambience reminiscent of being in a space capsule. This immersive experience aims to help release the tension caused by a fast-paced lifestyle.

Crystal Orange Hotel Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui | Winners in Hospitality Lighting Design

The Crystal Orange Hotel, which has received multiple accolades and recognition from international media, continues its "crystal" texture brand impression in its lighting design. Different levels and appearances in the space display the textures created by light refracting through crystals. Returning to essence and purity, it delicately provides a "quality" and "sensory" accommodation experience. This approach has created a unique brand identity in the middle-high-end hotel market.


Interior Design Best of Year Awards


Vermilion Zhou Design Group's "Rugao Shen Cheng Nursing Home" project was awarded the WINNER in the "Senior Living" category at the "Interior Design Best of Year 2023", announced on December 7 in New York, USA. "Intercity Hotel" also received an HONOREE in the "Chain Hotel: International" category.


World Interior News Awards Silver


"Intercity Hotel," designed by Vermilion Zhou, is the Silver winner in the "Hotel & Other Overnight Accommodations" category of the 2023 WIN AWARDS by "World Interior News" in the UK.

Judge Comments

“ Strong and confident look and feel executed throughout. The purpose and story behind the chosen aesthetic is clear and done very well,” Sara Keywan


World Interior News Awards Shortlist


"Intercity Hotel," designed by Vermilion Zhou, has been shortlisted in the "Hotel & Other Overnight Accommodations" category of the 2023 WIN AWARDS by "World Interior News" in the UK.




Vermilion Zhou Design Group’s projects were recognized with the Japan GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 for the Crystal Orange Hotel and Rugao Shen Cheng Nursing Home.

Evaluation for Crystal Orange Hotel

The redesigned Crystal Orange Hotel redefines the essence of modern intercity travel. In response to the hectic pace of travel, the design aims to provide guests with a sense of calm and luxury. Drawing inspiration from the “Whiskey” theme, the hotel exudes sophistication, reminiscent of an exclusive club. It focuses on creating a high-quality textured environment that immediately puts guests at ease. Lighting plays a crucial role, guiding guests into the hotel and offering a sense of tranquillity. The design effortlessly blends open and private spaces, allowing guests to escape the chaos of their busy lives. By transforming the original building’s spaces and infusing them with the calming effects of light, the Crystal Orange Hotel offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience, emphasizing simplicity and purity.

Evaluation for Rugao Shen Cheng Nursing Home

Using colours and materials in the interior space of a nursing home for the elderly in China is an excellent plan. As a whole, the space has a warm colour, like a house. A three-dimensional feeling is generated using various colours and materials, walls and furniture without corners are used, and we sense the kindness in the flow line plan, which considers people using wheelchairs. The large sofa in front of the reception counter in a large and spacious space creates a smooth interaction among people, and the scenery is designed to soothe the people. As an ideal form of nursing home for the elderly, which will continue to increase, an attractive space was created after carefully considering the image of people's lives in this place, from a stereotypical space to a space where people can spend enriching time. Future development is expected.


Inside World Festival of Interiors


Vermilion Zhou Design Group's projects "Crystal Orange Hotel Shanghai Pudong Lujiazuie" and "New version of Haidilao" are Official Finalists in the Inside World Festival of Interiors 2023 in the "Hotels" and "Bars & Restaurants" categories.


Architizer A+Awards


The interior design work, "InterCity Bar" by Vermilion Zhou Design Group, has been honoured with a Special Mention Award in the "Hospitality: Bars & Wineries" category at the 11th edition of the prestigious Architizer A+Awards in 2023.


Hospitality Design Awards


The project 'Crystal Orange Hotel Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui', designed by Vermilion Zhou, was selected as a finalist at the 19th Hospitality Design Awards, for the ‘Midscale Hotel Public Space’ category.


LIV Hospitality Design Awards


Vermilion Zhou Design Group's 'Crystal Orange Hotel' has won the Interior Design Hotel - Midscale & Lifestyle award at the LIV Hospitality Design Awards and was also selected as one of the JURY's TOP PICK. Their other project, 'Intercity Hotel,' received an Honorable Mention in Interior Design. Vermilion Zhou is pleased to be recognized by the international professional award again. We are thrilled to share the news of our recent accolades and accomplishments with everyone.


Architizer A+Awards


‘green massage’ Shanghai Madang Road store, designed by Vermilion Zhou Design Group, won the 2022 WIN AWARDS GOLD AWARD in the Leisure & Entertainment: Spas, health clubs, and gyms category. As the best award in the project category, Vermilion Zhou is very happy to be recognized by the international professional award again, and we love to share the glory and joy with you.

Evaluation: While the spa is located on the open second basement floor, this less than desirable location is used to the project’s advantage – creating a ‘rabbit hole’ entrance effect.

Acceptance Speech: "We are grateful for the recognition of the awards, and thank our customers for their trust, as well as our team's dedication and hard work, and we will not fail to live up to everyone's expectations and continue to move forward."——Vera Chu Vermilion Zhou Design Group, Founder/ Lighting Design Director.


Architizer A+Awards


‘green massage’ Shanghai Madang Road store, designed by Vermilion Zhou Design Group has been selected as a 2022 A+Awards Special Mention in the Architecture +Light category.




Vermilion Zhou Design Group's project "Green Massage Shanghai Hubindao" was selected to be Highly Commended in Health and Fitness category - INSIDE category for 2021 WAF/INSIDE. 


Interior Design's BOY 2021 


Vermilion Zhou Design Group, 2 design projects finalist in 2 categories in Interior Design's Best of Year 2021:  ‘green massage’ Shanghai Lujiazui / Beauty and Spa categoryBlossom House Shanghai On The Bund / Hotel transformation category. 

The Best of Year Awards, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Cindy Allen, will air on DesignTV by SANDOW, Interior Design’s Facebook Live and Twitter on December 9th at 1 PM ET.


Vermilion Zhou Design Group is listed by the "2021 AD100 - The 100 Most Influential Architects and Interior Designers in China"


Vermilion Zhou Design Group is honored to be selected as one of the 100 most influential architects and interior designers in China for the third time on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of AD China. We are honored to be included in the "2021 AD100 Special Book" and congratulate "Architectural Digest China" for sharing the honor with all the design pioneers.



“Searching for Pioneers” -the design dialogue with Vermilion Zhou


AD China “Searching for Pioneer”, A dialogue on "contemporary oriental aesthetics" lifestyle with Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou and Vera Chu, the founders of Vermilion Zhou Design Group, on the banks of Qiantang River in Hangzhou.

「While most designers are still discussing and exploring luxury design, Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou, Vera Chu and their team have the general public in mind, focusing on spatial solutions for budget hotels. Pioneering is "engagement in society", which is the design attitude advocated by Vermilion Zhou Design Group. They observed and examined the habits of Chinese people with anthropologist-like sensitivity and enthusiasm, refining the core of oriental aesthetics into the most common spatial scenes: from smell, touch, taste, hearing to vision in five dimensions, so that all guests can feel the greatest respect brought by the design.」


INSIDE World Festival of Interiors


Vermilion Zhou Design Group's projects "Green Massage" and “BodyConcept Pilates Studio” are Official Finalists in the Inside World Festival of Interiors 2021, in the” Health and Fitness“ category. This year's Inside World Festival of Interiors shortlist consists of 111 projects from 23 countries across the world. All shortlisted designers will go on to compete in the live-judging in front of a panel of industry experts and an audience of their peers at the festival in Lisbon from 1 - 3 December.




Vermilion Zhou Design Group's project "Green Massage" is an Official Finalist in INDE Award 2021 in ”The Wellness Space“ category, is very honored to compete with those outstanding works from all over the Indo-Pacific. The winner will be announced at a live gala on 5th August.


Architizer A+Firm Award


"Song Art Museum" design by Vermilion Zhou Design Group won the 2021 Architizer A+Firm Award "Best in Typology - Interior Design-Institutional/Cultural" Winner Prize. More than 400 firms — hailing from 50 countries across 6 continents — submitted their portfolio for consideration. After a meticulous review by an influential jury of creative thought leaders, 31 firms came out on top, providing a diverse picture of the talented teams helping to conceptualize, design, and deliver the world’s best architecture. This is a big honor that "Song Art Museum" as a Winner for the 2021 Architizer A+Firm Award.


Interior Design's BOY


Vermilion Zhou Design Group's 4 design projects are finalist in 4 categories in Interior Design's Best of Year 2020: Green Massage / Spa category, BodyConcept Pilates Studio / Fitness category, Hi Inn Hotel / Budget category, Hangzhou Joya Hotel / International Chain Hotel category. The Best of Year Awards, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Cindy Allen, will air on DesignTV by SANDOW, Interior Design’s Facebook Live and Twitter on December 9 at 1 PM ET.





Evaluation from GOOD DESIGN AWARD:

This is a room where curves aligned with faint lines of light catch the eye. By using lots of soft curves in its planning separate areas are created without walls and partitions, which are seamlessly connected together while lines of sight and other signs are skillfully cut out. It’s designed so that the effect of the indirect lighting aligned with the curves create a sense of naturally guiding you inside. As a fitness space for maintaining a healthy and balanced body and mind, the room is not composed of strongly contrasting elements like straight lines and black and white colors, but rather the colors, materials and lighting are refined into a subdued, unified, gentle appearance, to create a comfortable and cozy room with little noise.



Golden Pin Design



"2020 Golden Pin Design Award" announces its Design Mark Recipients! This year’s "Golden Pin Design Award" saw a total of 2,333 outstanding entries from 20 different countries and regions around the globe. After the Secondary Selection held on September 10 at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, 527 entries were chosen from among the 1,279 entries that made the Secondary Selection shortlist to receive the Golden Pin, Design Mark.

“BodyConcept Pilates Studio”, designed by Vermilion Zhou, is honored to be one of the winners.


TID Award


Taiwan "TID Awards" 2020 announced its Award list and “BodyConcept Pilates Studio”, designed by Vermilion Zhou, won the TID Award of Commercial Space-Leisure space.