New version of Hanting Hotel

Opening Date|2022.1,Address|No. 83 Qingnian Middle Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

Hanting hotel, in the part of the process for hotel history in china, has been the significance of the time. The slogan, “The journey on you, The home in Hanting", tells the story that it accompanies the china travelers for two decades. Even the hotel market is so competitive now, Hanting hotel gives success for the number of hotels. It has proved its popularity but still insists to keep the friendly price and non-stopping to improve the service and facilities for stay.

The design theory in the last upgrade in 2019, our focus was on ‘function’ and ‘sense of value’. In two ways for consumers experience and modular design. Eventually, Hanting hotel is an economy hotel stander, to face the cost control, but not increase the hotel fee is the mission. We looked back at the basics of hotel core, the hotel design is not only for style or look, the technology of Intelligent helps the hotel operation and detailing the function.

The design sense is more scientifically to reflect the way behind it. The breakfast in china with many kinds of flavors, we design the most popular way “street vendor” to present the common life in china’s daily. It become the new ‘mark’ to be remembered in Hanting hotel. Our purpose is to show the ‘economy hotel’ not an only economy concern, but the most important is also to provide an affordable good experience.

In our new design version in 2022, we basic on the last design, the upgrade is not only focused on the look of aesthetic, but also on the quick transform for the existing property, in order more fit the china economy hotel market. “Happiness” is our concept for a new design, we try to provide a more convenient way to extend the Chinese traveler's need.

Usually, the lobby in an economy hotel won’t be so big, we expand the area, to become a convenience station. The two self-check-in reception replace the traditional ones, we aim to reduce the service staff. A little covering partition keeps the privacy of people, to provide a safety sense.

The delivery meal service is popular in China, the double-sided delivery storge can keep the hygiene and temperature, also won't make the mistake to take. Meeting everywhere has been the phenomenon after the epidemic, we provide the different kinds of sitting areas, you can have quickly online meetings everywhere, and the mini shop of Costa café also can quickly weck-up you by the coffee aroma. The traveler's need sometimes is not the for redundant service, is just the suitable one, the laundry area, and storage area give the busy trip can free their hands and with a clean shirt. When you go inside to the Hanting hotel, the familiar and convenient sense just like the way back to home, you won’t have to worry even the power of your cellphone.

Spending money is not the only way to build a quality hotel. In the new version of Hanting hotel, the design considers the hotel operation, we look back at the "core" and upgrade to "happiness", keeping the affordable price but will let guests sense the more intimate detail. The design purpose responds to the brand intention, to precisely deliver to guests. "Traveling all over China is always accompanied by", Hanting Hotel has become an indelible beautiful scenery on the journey of Chinese people.


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