Citadines Apart'hotel

Opening Date|2019.12,Address|No.501, Longhua West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

The market segmentation at the hotel business is becoming delicately, what kind of staying experience can be provided for business travelers when moving between cities? Being a second home away from home, should a serviced apartment will abandon hospitality to keep the personality? Citadines has been a short-term destination for long-term travelers around the world. In these bustling journeys, Citadines is committed to becoming a city's exclusive home for travelers.

Citadines is located in the Xujiahui district in Shanghai, It stands in a comprehensive commercial district circle but surrounded by residential buildings. There is no eye-catching entrance which can be seen on the street, Citadines has added a quiet serenity to isolate the noise in the city from the street.

On the ground floor, start from the check-in area, has a fresh look. It combines reception, dining, bar, salon, and entertainment, a lively integration of hotel service functions, you can find the corner you want, let times free-flowing in space, enjoy the truly luxury moment in the city. Geometry, lines, colors, various combinations of elements that constantly appear in the lobby, we bring the simple and practical style of the Bauhaus into it, try to add a little more fun things in modern urban life.

The "Home" of Citadines, we hope that the guests can create it by themselves. The "Bau" of the "Bauhaus" is " to build" and the "Haus" is "a house". What we give is a "box", with simply line and surface inside, the roomer of the space can easy to define their living.

Pieces of equipment in the room are fit the all-day schedule in life scenes, We understand the lifestyle of Chinese, the kitchen with full functions, all the rooms have a laundry machine, from a single room to two-bedrooms types, the guests can live the way they want and add the vibrant living in their stay.

We arranged the gym and meeting room in the basement, which extend the functions than "just a room" and meets the possibility of a variety of travel scenarios. Not only a living apartment but also is a hotel, with service and personality.What we try to make is an exclusive home for a long journey. In an unfamiliar city, enjoy the warmness of "apartment" and the intimate service of "hotel" in Citadines.


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